Five Best Eating Oysters You Must Try

////Five Best Eating Oysters You Must Try

Five Best Eating Oysters You Must Try

Eating oysters is delicious, healthy, and good for the environment!

Eating oysters is always an adventure. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro there’s something new to try out there. With so many different oysters to choose from, where do you start? Well, here’s our list of the five best eating oysters to start you on your way to be the oyster guru:

1. Kumamoto Oysters

If you haven’t tried these, you must! This small, deeply cupped oyster is named for its bay where they originated on the Japanese island of Kyushu, although ours are currently grown in Humboldt Bay, in northern California. Although they are quite small, their salty, sweet flavor makes up for what they lack in size. Their size and great flavor make them a favorite for beginning oyster eaters.

2. Stellar Bay Oysters

This small, deeply cupped Pacific oyster is grown in a very unique process in the rich waters of Deep Bay off of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Larger than the Kusshi Oyster, their unique, deep cup comes from the regular tumbling they are given during their cultivation. This extra effort results in a deep cupped, meaty little oyster, that appeals to the beginner oyster eaters and pros alike.

3. Grassy Bar Oysters

Carefully raised by a family-run operation in Morro Bay, CA. Grassy Bar oysters are medium size and have plump and juicy meats with rich, briny flavor. With their classic oyster flavor these are definitely on the list of great eating oysters!

4. Miyagi Oysters

Also called the Pacific oyster, this oyster originated from Japan and is raised in America from the Gulf of Mexico to British Columbia. These oyster are best served raw with the meat being delicate and buttery with the texture of creaminess and rich mineral taste.

5. Malpeque Oysters

Easy to eat, with the perfect balance of sweetness, brine, and pickle-like liveliness, they make great accompaniments to a pint of lager. They’re a very common oyster, but they’re delicious.

Yes, there’s a heavy slant for West Coast oysters, but hey, we’re on the West Coast and think they’re the best eating oysters out there. What are some of your favorite types of oysters?



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